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Feel free to chat with me or ask me questions!

I may do some quick doodle requests if I want a break from working on whatever I'm drawing at that time. 

Really, please talk to me- If I'm streaming, I'm probably feeling lonely drawing by myself and want to talk to some human. :iconminghideplz:

I'm still trying to think of a banner and icon for it so if you have any suggestions! Please feel free to drop a comment here or a note or something if you're shy! Thank you!
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Goat sitting in a pot
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello o u o

I'm an awkward thing that can't ever words, but can't shut up if I get into about something. (I'm so sorry)

Please feel free to talk to me or ask me anything!
I read every comment/note and will reply to them (eventually). My replies may take pretty long sometimes because either I don't know what/how to say it or I haven't seen it yet.

(Also, please do note me (again) if I take too long or if it's something urgent!)

Thank you for visiting, and welcome o 7 o

Art Trades are closed.
Requests are closed. Forever after I finish those I accepted from long ago.
Collabs are closed. It's open for people in the rp groups I'm in though.
Feel free to drop me a note for any of them. Really, notes are preferred. It's easier to keep track of what I've done or not done. o u o
Please click here to check how many people are in the waiting list and to gauge for yourself how much longer it may take.

Lovely icon of my OC Eriya OL: Eriya icon by riepocaliptica by riepocaliptica
Cutest family icon of Elytte :iconlshiionl: by Autumn-ClockW0rk
Thank you so much!

MB l tumblr l Tegaki l anipan l LS


CT: Chalcedonia Guild - Glacial Vanguards by lShiionl
CT: Chalcedonia Guild - Glacial Vanguards

The rough sketch check of the Guild Crest I did before my computer died.. Orz
Please kindly ignore all the ugly until I am able to properly finish it once I get my computer back.
(btw, is it just me or is typing stuff in the artist comments section super laggy on mobile?)

im so sorry everyone orz

I'm not even sure if everyone has replied or anything but I'll just list everyone that's in Chalcedonia in the order found on the 'congratulations' journal-

Athelliarch Angellith | ChiChiCuit
Sonja | CuddlyBunneh
Deus Lévesque | karuchii
Kerche Mariner | lShiionl
Valdreine Lanzlith | RhysRaine
Nettie | Seoul-Mate
Lizerotte Everhart | ZJ-DESIGNS
Oc | Owner
OL: (For Tournament) - Cesyatha by lShiionl
OL: (For Tournament) - Cesyatha




School General Competition

Collab with Chrono! 
This is Cesyatha using her magic (look at her why is she so cute did I manage to absorb Chrono's amazing skills when I worked on her awesome drawing-)
The coffin is The Achiever, one of her enneagram guardians. 

There is another with Eri using her magic- wait for it //chokes/ Chrono I'm so sorry I'm so slow ; v ;

And yes this was me butchering her drawing since she drew the character so it didn't get butchered  //weep

yeah I took a billion years to draw those chains and shade them //laughs/ did I level up my chain drawing skills (i think that coffin took me longer than the whole chibi Cesyatha //vomits blood)


Cesyatha and sketch belongs to Chronolex
Rest of the art done by me
Human Eriya Reference by lShiionl
Human Eriya Reference



Larger version where her feet are not covered, plus notes of how her cape looks/works.
I broke my eyes trying to draw the metal decorative shoulder guard thing on her left shoulder-

also frills... gosh that skirt is my nightmare

Sorry for the messy notes because I literally scribbled it down quickly while trying to figure out how i want her cape to work and it may or may not make sense only to me- 

It was fun drawing Eri again after so long, and without all her wings lol- her wings slay me

She is in the process of summoning her sword which is why her hand is not holding it (yet) and floaty translucent sword.

More info on human eri here : OL: Human Meme - Eriya


Eriya and cape+sword designs belong to me.
OL: Human Meme - Eriya by lShiionl
OL: Human Meme - Eriya



Eir Varryn
Age: 18
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Brown
Height: 170cm
Race: Human
School: West Cauraha (Student)
Class: Bullet; Purple Berserker
Weapon: Long sword

Powers: Sword Summoning

Summons swords, able to have an element imbued sword but it depends on the day/time/location of summon. Able to summon a maximum of two swords at a time at this moment. The swords can only be used when wielded by her. She can't control them without physical contact. If they leave her grip for too long, they will disappear. Current time limit before the sword disappears when away from contact is around 20 minutes. Other people can wield her sword if she allows them to, otherwise, the sword will disappear upon contact if she is not also touching it. 

Able to summon swords of varying sizes and length, but usually she prefers long swords or claymores.


Eir comes from a wealthy family of good repute. She was brought up with strict lessons on various subjects such as morals, etiquette, world knowledge and swordsmanship. Her parents oversee her education but otherwise rarely spend time with her on casual family things. She is expected to take over her family trade as the heir and only child. She excels in sports, especially sword related stuff like kendo, fencing etc. She does well for academics as well from lessons since young and her self disciplined studies. 


As usual, I took what little i wrote for the 'if your character was' meme and expanded on it and updated with new info. 

Here is also the first place I ever put her actual family name up on-
cant even remember the exact spelling i wanted for it but this is roughly it- orz

Don't even know what her human family business is but let's not sweat the little details.. //nervouslaughter
probably some high-ish military position- ide- does Zero even have those- and like can they be passed on to a successor chosen by the officer or whoever- lol idk but anyways- idk what they do- dont even know what kinds of jobs and things rich people in Zero do in general.. actually i dont know much about Zero at all orz 

She's basically the same as her Khadroman self, but human and younger.

Larger ref with side notes on how her cape works here : Human Eriya Reference


Original OL Human Meme Here
Uniform design from here
Eriya and cape+sword designs belong to me.
CT: Everyday is prank day by lShiionl
CT: Everyday is prank day

The group just got going and these two are already getting in trouble-
Here is Roro and Kerche running away after pranking some random people.
I don't even know how to proportion chibi lalafells omg- it's just a smaller hume size now.. but I swear I'll get it down someday and make it look not like a smaller version of a hume and a proper lalafell.. but today is not the day.

Kerche was just a free spirited person who had no problems with doing not so legal stuff and knows how to pick locks and tie mean knots but everything changed when she met Roro- Now she goes around pranking people with him from time to time. And then they'll get hung on a stick and scolded by his sister lolorz

I should probably tone down the details when I do chibis because I think i just broke my eyes drawing her outfit-

EXP: 600(shaded-chibi) x2 = 1200
(is this how it works- things are going to get even more confusing when backgrounds happen and stuff-)


Rorotoka Aatoka belongs to Chronolex
Kerche Mariner belongs to me.

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