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BJBB: Are you ready? by lShiionl
BJBB: Are you ready?

pls just- just ignore the title i've forever been terrible at titles i cant-

Anyways! El joined Spade Raid and is out to cause some trouble in her new outfit. Mostly just because she wants to go out in her new outfit- But yes, brandishing shiny sharp looking weapons dressed suspiciously with hood and mask would def at least scare some people- //coughs
but I promise- she's actually going to do/done actual stuff to cause trouble- which im going to draw later but for now have her walking with awkward pose- 

yes form fitting leather dress and boots = 7 = eheh

Elytte and the art belongs to me
DG-T: Elytte [Spades] by lShiionl
DG-T: Elytte [Spades]

Notes, Skype, Comments, Docs

[ INFO ]
Name: Shibahara Elytte
Card of Choice: 9 of Spades
Rank: D-Ranked Red

[ OOC Notes ] 
    I'm fine with both lit and script. Or just casual discussing/chatting about OCs and stuff. Finally got El to above D-rank ; 7 ;  She only puts the emoticons with no names in her contact list but that'd just confuse everyone else so here are their names 
    (part of the reason why she adds emoticons to the contacts is to help link the face with the names because she's not tech savy enough to put photos to the contact yep. and also for her, what is memory why are english names so weird and confusing, not like her own name is not weird and confusing //laughs)
    (please tell me your DA username if you add me on skype- if you already told me your skype name I'll just add/accept you)
    *Will draw and add a background/wallpaper for this someday. Though that day is not now

BJBB: Sandcastle by lShiionl
BJBB: Sandcastle

//wheeze sand is gross to draw why do I keep drawing it

I originally drew this for part of what I wanted to make into a large pic of el's wardrobe but I managed to draw her in a pose where you can't even see much of her swimsuit and then decided to vomit a background in it.

First did one where she was standing leaning on the bar counter thing complete with bartender but then scrapped it because that looked stupid i mean there would usually be chairs what happened to chairs.

I lined this in photoshop because I was in school and really wanted to line it but never again. Photoshop lines are so strange and gross for me idek why, im probably doing things wrong but its so faded and translucent even though it's at 100% opacity and i turned off the pressure opacity so why. Half painted the background in photoshop but then finally got home and finished the rest of the coloring in sai, where suddenly everything feels too smooth orz

Elytte and the art belongs to me
OL: Switcharound meme Eriluciling by lShiionl
OL: Switcharound meme Eriluciling



A Color palette swap combined with a switcharound meme collab!
Characters from top to bottom are, Aisling, Luciana and Eriya.

We first sketched our own characters, then lined each other's sketch and then colored in the character that is going to be using our character's colors. Sounds confusing when I try to type it out quickly here but it's probably not when you look at it.

We'll probably upload and link another version (that is also larger so you can zoom in and see all the glorious details in the art) on tumblr when we get it up! The tumblr version will have Munchy's layout/arrangement which is 100% cute and amazing so look forward to it! the current boring plain layout is done by me //coughs/imsorry

 Just for laughs and comparison, I quickly threw some colors on my sketch of Eri in eri colors. Click here to see


Aisling belongs to Before-Knights
Luciana belongs to iMunchyMoo
Eriya belongs to me.
OL: Pandemonian meme - Eriya by lShiionl
OL: Pandemonian meme - Eriya


(yay magic anime light censor things! this is a wip because I'm taking forever and also currently can't draw much because finals but i really wanted to post something so here it is. also i can't think of her outfit for the life of me and how to tattoo so yeah. quickly coloured it in photoshop [how does photoshop work i never use photoshop to color anyhting] so please don't judge the shading too much or judge it cause idk i didn't even try orz I'm sorry) WILL UPDATE WITH FINISHED ART SOON. (not that soon but sometime soon- like.. next month or smth)

Name: Eir
Age: 1200
Appearance: Pink skin, (I colored it but you probably can't tell that the skin is pink instead of regular pale human skin because I suck at shading) yes idk how to description please look at my chicken scratch
Height: 5'9'' (175cm) 
Race: Pandemonian
  • Violence
Weapon: Herself
Powers: Morphing body parts (yes perfectly elegant sounding name)

Her power is changing parts of her body into sharp weapon-like forms. Any part that is a dark brown-black-ish color can be changed. The dark part spreads across the rest of her body if she needs to change a larger portion. They will go back down to just a covering a small area they originally covered when she changes her body part back to normal (like how her right hand is now). Her wings (which i forgot to draw in this one) can also be changed. If she needs to fly she can make her wings broader and they'll probably end up resembling bat wings.
The power is a curse that is passed down in her family. The dark parts will hurt when they are spreading to cover more of her body. When she wants to make it really strong to cut really hard things and stuff, it will cause the dark areas to hurt the stronger she makes it. (Such a maso power wao) That thing she has on her head is a horn, she can't change that (the color is also slightly different than the cursed parts so yeah). 

The parts of her body that are covered by the curse aren't made of flesh or bone or anything like that, it's another kind of substance, kind of like a magical substance that still feels warm to the touch. She can still feel through the cursed parts but it's a slightly more muted sense.

If she makes the curse spread too much across at once or if she gets too weak, the cursed parts will slowly spread across her body on its own and if it covers her whole body, she will be as good as dead. (not dead dead but almost dead. i explained it in the bracketed part at the end of her personality section)


She doesn't really speak much and actually doesn't even really think much either. She acts mostly on instinct partly due to the lack of peaceful interaction and encounters with other beings. This means her social skills are terrible and she's just sitting there looking coldly at people and probably evaluating their physical abilities and then back to stoning. (stoning is a very appropriate description because if her whole person is covered by the curse, she's basically a warm rock. but if that happens she's as good as dead cause the pain would be too much and the curse will reach it's final stage where she can't change back and can't move and is just stuck there in the world of pain forever until she gets legit killed by something else)

Not inherently violent like slaughter everything in sight kind of violent. She is generally peaceful and keeps to herself when not hungry or provoked. Isn't exactly territorial as she travels around instead of staying in one place.


Her family was originally just a regular succubus type demon you can find everywhere on the streets in the lust circle. Until one day one succubus was cursed by a particularly strong demon witch person (nobody knows anymore), probably because they banged the wrong dude or girl or whoever. That was really long ago like maybe a century or a thousand years ago or something. It has passed down from that one succubus to all her descendants since. 

Eir's mother was not one to retain sentimental thoughts and feelings, she endured carrying Eir in her like she's another part of the curse until she was ready to be expelled from her system. Going into a cave/den of a rather strong monster thing, she slaughtered them all and gave birth to Eir in the middle of their shredded carcasses, then left promptly. As if she just went in and taken a dump. Eir managed to survive by drinking the blood all around her and eating the shredded remains. Also due to the cave having the scent of the strong monsters and also Eir's mother, other creatures did not venture inside, so she was safe, for the time.
Luckily for her, she is more animal than human so she could adapt and survive faster, even as a baby. She soon got up and was ready to face the world…ish.

Thus begun her adventure out into the wilds, killing random things she encounters and honing her skills. She doesn't know how to read and don't know many words or codes of conduct but she gets on.   


Her name is Eir because her original (Khadroman form) given name is also Eir, its just that as a Swan, she was given a title and it came with the name (all swans are like that) and it was Eriya so yeah. I thought about giving her a different name because she was practically abandoned as a baby so like.. where'd she even get a name she can't even read or write lolorz but yeah I cant think of one and is lazy to look for refs/names so here is her original name.

I already thought of the whole thing when I first made her in the "If your character was meme" back in CL and wrote a bunch which I just copied and pasted here then edited and added details because I already rambled too much over there even though it was just a short overall meme thing.

For the original "If Eri was" meme, click here!


Eriya belongs to me.
Feel free to chat with me or ask me questions!

I may do some quick doodle requests if I want a break from working on whatever I'm drawing at that time. 

Really, please talk to me- If I'm streaming, I'm probably feeling lonely drawing by myself and want to talk to some human. //hides

I may stream games... or not... probably not I'm terrible at playing games forget I said anything.

-I draw really slowly so it may be really boring.
-I usually play some songs from some anime or the OST from anime and games so please do turn the sound off if you don't like to listen to those things-
-There will be ugly.
-Probably make lots of mistakes in perspective/anatomy/anything and either don't notice it or noticed it but is too lazy to fix it-
-May reply slowly because drawing
-Sometimes I stare at the drawing without doing anything because I'm trying to figure out what is wrong or I can't decide on something.
-Other times I dozed off and you may see strange creepy squiggly stuff happening
-I may write stuff to communicate with viewers and my handwriting is terrible and probably illegible.
-Also my spelling is actually horrible but it's fixed thanks to typing but that doesn't happen in writing so please take note-

I'm still trying to think of a banner and icon for it so if you have any suggestions! Please feel free to drop a comment here or a note or something if you're shy! Thank you!


This turned into another rambly thing- I'm terribly sorry I ramble on so much ; - ;
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Goat sitting in a pot
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello o u o

I'm an awkward thing that can't ever words or human, but can't shut up if I get excites about something. (I'm so sorry for all the derps)

Please feel free to talk to me or ask me anything!
I read every comment/note and will reply to them (eventually). My replies may take pretty long sometimes because either I don't know what/how to say it or I'm too busy being unable to human that I become physically unable to type the thing down.

Please be patient with my weirds ; v ;
(Also, please do note me (again) if I take too long or if it's something urgent!)

Thank you for visiting, and welcome o 7 o

Art Trades are closed.
Requests are closed. Forever after I finish those I accepted from long ago.
Collabs are closed. It's open for people in the rp groups I'm in though.
Feel free to drop me a note for any of them. Really, notes are preferred. It's easier to keep track of what I've done or not done. o u o
Please click here to check how many people are in the waiting list and to gauge for yourself how much longer it may take.

Lovely icon of my OC Eriya OL: Eriya icon by riepocaliptica by wonderful riepocaliptica
Thank you so much!

MB l tumblr l Tegaki l anipan l LS

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